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The simplicity of leaves

Well, that’s not really true. Leaves are very complex in structure, design and makeup, not to mention what they contribute to the life of a tree. But my crazy life of late has slowed down and I can now take the time to do simple things like get up close and personal with a leaf. Such a pleasure!

Barrie and I spent a couple of days at Milford House last week to celebrate his birthday. If you need a get-away (no internet!) I highly recommend checking it out. Although closed for the season, they have three cabins that are winterized and you can make arrangements online or by phone to stay there. We were in Buckshaw ($130 night–great value!)

Meanwhile, the woods and wilderness will factor heavily in my plans between now and Christmas. Heading to Quinan Lake and Big Gull this week for a few days on a paddling trip with three friends. Later, will head to The Shack off and on during November. Time to recoup and reflect. Also hope to get some essays ready to submit. Decided to take the plunge into the literary world.

That’s a lot more scary than meeting a bear in the wild.


  1. October 18, 2021    

    It is the time of year to “recoup and reflect” for sure. Enjoy what’s left of autumn.

    • October 19, 2021    

      Yes, I’m in for major chillin’ time at the moment … and hope it continues until December! Trust all’s well with you across the Bay!

  2. Joyce Glasner Joyce Glasner
    October 18, 2021    

    Gorgeous photos, Sandra!

    • October 19, 2021    

      Thanks Joyce. Although I’ve taken a lot of photos this summer related to my work, this is the first time in ages I’ve played with my camera in the woods or on the river, and it was sooooo fun! We must must MUST get together before the silly season.

  3. Rose-Marie Rose-Marie
    October 18, 2021    

    There’s not much scarier than a blank page!

    • October 19, 2021    

      Agreed Rose-Marie. Worse, even, than facing bear. haha

  4. Liz Liz
    October 18, 2021    

    Oh so happy you and Barrie enjoyed Buckshaw at the Milford House. Trust you got on the water, up the gang and Pompey rock.

    • October 19, 2021    

      Aha! We were talking about you Liz whilst on a hike around the woods past Pompey rock! (Barrie thought your family was associated with Milford and I insisted your family’s place was an inn on the Bear River Road. Pleas settle our “discussion.” haha We didn’t paddle, however. Just hiked around the property, read in front of the fire. We did spend a lot of time in Keji on the Hemlock Trail. Plans to return to Milford House during the winter. Can paddle then if the lakes aren’t iced up.

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