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Wilderness lodges—two of the best (yet oh-so-different!)

Less than an hour’s drive from where I live in Southwest Nova Scotia, there are two wilderness lodges: Trout Point Lodge, located east of the village of Kemptville, Yarmouth County, and Birchdale, located north of the same village. Think: opulence versus bare bones. Oddly enough, as the crow flies, they are less than 10 km […]

Surfacing #2

Surfacing #2

Well now. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Or, when you are in such a spin you don’t know which way is up. Or down. Mercifully, I’ve come out on the other side … and seem to have most of my marbles intact. Have also been canoeing of late. Great trip with dear […]

Summer update

Summer update

I’m embarrassed to have such a prolonged absence here. I seem to get sidetracked by life in general and work in particular. Not a bad thing!  But it does seem a pity that we have to interrupt living with getting a few hours leep. Such is life. You’ll be happy to know, however, that the […]

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