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Writing Workshops

I give a variety of writing workshops in various parts of Canada (and would happily stretch further afield.) These courses range from two hours to two days and can be customized. To find out the date and place of the next writing workshop, or to arrange for me to be in your area, contact me at sandracphinney@gmail.com (or at 902-648-0462).

Course titles and short descriptions

NEW FOR 2023!

AWCS 2 courses spring

Want to be a travel writer?

This course explores the opportunities related to different kinds of travel writing (trade, commercial, advertorial, service, narrative features, books etc.),   It also includes a section on analyzing magazines, newspapers and online sites to get a grip on the kind of stories they buy.  Participants get samples of queries (a.k.a pitches) to an editor or client. A slide demo on taking “wow” photos to sell to editors is also part of the  workshop.

Memoirs anyone?

This workshop appeals to a variety of ages and interest including: seniors who want to write vignettes for their family; anyone who wants to capture a slice of life on paper; scrapbookers who want to write short stories or poetry to accompany their photos; and anyone who wants to write a book of memoir.

Hop aboard the narrative train

This course explores the nuts and bolts of narrative nonfiction (a.k.a. creative nonfiction, literary nonfiction, literary journalism or Lit-J.)   How do we achieve writing a piece of nonfiction that has a pulse and sings?  It’s all about story. In this workshop you’ll learn the techniques that are used to create a compelling story.

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What people are saying:

Sandra Phinney’s enthusiasm for writing (and life in general) is both invigorating and motivating. Her interactive writing exercises are easy, fun, informative, and thought provoking. I’ve participated in two different workshops, and learned priceless techniques and writing tips. Sandra’s teaching style and knowledge are to be admired. She has been instrumental in boosting my writing to another level. Heidi Levert

I kept marveling at this gutsy woman fearlessly demonstrating success with every challenge and writing request – with energy and humour. You could easily lead a longer workshop and we would drink in every drip. Alice Albiston

What an incredible experience! Not only did I learn a tonne, but I made some new friends, too. Lori Gallagher

The guidelines were simple and easy to follow and the workshop was professionally managed. Everyone got attention. This was a skills enriching experience and I felt most fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend. Reya Doucette

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