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And then …

A year and a bit has drifted by. Well, “drifted” is not the exact word I’m looking for. Zoomed? Hmm. Yes, but still not quite right. Barrelled? Flown? Trundled? Let’s just say it’s been a year and a bit since I said adios. I’m back.

Two weeks from today, I fly to Toronto and get my right shoulder replaced. I am deliriously happy about this. Unfortunately, the wait-time for me would be another 2.5 yrs before I could expect new parts installed in my old bod here in Nova Scotia. OIE! So. I’m going the private route, which cost a fortune. Lucky for me, friends, family, and even strangers made this possible. It’s a wondrous story. I’m still trying to piece it together.

I may write an essay about how things transpired leading up to now, but need to flesh it out. It’s complicated. You can expect to read some ramblings in the next few weeks. Stay tuned. And please send a prayer and/or kind thought my way December 5th.

Feels good to be back.

In case you are wondering, the photo is a couple of drops getting ready to “plop” from the wire at the top of the garden fence. I have trouble at the moment holding my camera with both hands above my waist, so this image, is, err, lopsided. 


  1. Erika Batdorf Erika Batdorf
    November 20, 2023    

    Where will you be in Toronto? Any chance I can bring you recovery smiles and treats?

    • November 20, 2023    

      Oh, Erika! I would SO love to see you! Alas, will be flying back home day after discharge (one night in clinic, close to the airport) and likely looped for those two days. But I’m hoping to visit family in Kingston in 2024 AND slip into TO for a couple of days. Let’s make a “visit” happen! XXXOOO

  2. steve steve
    November 20, 2023    

    Good to hear from you again, Sandra. Best if luck with the new shoulder. I’m undergoing something similar this June only for my left knee. I’ve heard from a lot of people who have had the operation that their knee replacement surgery was life changing. I’d dearly love to be able to wander the woods again without feeling like I’ve got a bear trap clamped around my knee. I’m sure there are people in town who think I’m a tourettes case because I sometimes yelp like a dog after I step wrong while crossing a parking lot or meander through a store. Until my leg began to hurt I never much considered how supermarkets are laid out with all the necessities (milk, butter, bread, meat) shelved in the very far corners of the store.

    Sorry you had to go the private route to get your shoulder done. Without getting too political, it is scandalous how public healthcare has been deliberately starved for cash by some governments in order to make private healthcare profitable.

    take care


  3. November 20, 2023    

    Great to see you pop into view Steve. And VERY happy to hear you will be getting new knee this summer. Life changing indeed! I had both hips done years ago and got my life back.You’ll be tripping the light fantastic through the woods this time next year!

  4. Judi Judi
    November 21, 2023    

    All the best Sandra! Sadly, there are long waits here in BC too.

    • November 21, 2023    

      Awww. Seems that our health care system is broken Judy. Hope YOU are OK!

  5. Sherryl Trask Sherryl Trask
    November 21, 2023    

    Happy for you to get “fixed” so quickly!

    • November 21, 2023    

      Thanks for the kind words Sherryl!

  6. Mary Mary
    November 21, 2023    

    Sandra you are in my prayers we have just lost Joanne ,I will keep you and your family especially you in my prayers,

    • November 21, 2023    

      Oh no! I did not know about your loss. Never easy. Sending hugs! And thanks for your prayers!

  7. November 21, 2023    

    Sandra, I was overjoyed to see your message pop up and broken-hearted that I won’t get to see you during your brief stop in Toronto.
    I do hope that the surgery goes perfectly and that all will be well — and painless — in future.
    I live downtown so if there’s an errand I can run for you, or a song to be sung, or a treat to be snuck past the nurses, I’m HERE and willing. 905-717-2266.
    Take good care of yourself –be a good girl and do what the doctors order!!!!! No dancing the light fantastic for at least a week, y’hear?
    Warmest wishes,

    • November 21, 2023    

      Isobel! I’ve noted your phone number. Although I dearly appreciate your offer, it’s a quick trip into the clinic close to airport and back home. But I yearn to see you. Gotta make that happen in 2024. And I promise to be good and do what I’m told.

  8. Suzn Suzn
    November 21, 2023    

    Wishing you well with the operation anda speedy recovery

    • November 21, 2023    

      THANK YOU Suzn!

  9. Joyce Glasner Joyce Glasner
    November 21, 2023    

    Dear Sandra, I’ll be thinking of you and sending lots & lots of love & healing thoughts your way over the next few weeks. I hope your surgery goes well & if there’s anything I can do to help don’t hesitate to let me know.
    Big Hugs,

    • November 21, 2023    

      How wonderful to “see” you here. I keep saying we need to connect Joyce! It WILL happen. I’m taking a whole lotta time in 2024 to have time with friends. Been too long. XXXO

      • Joyce Glasner Joyce Glasner
        November 21, 2023    

        Yes, it has been way too long!!! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be taking some time in ’24 to slow down a bit & hang out with friends, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing you then!

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