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And then …

And then …

A year and a bit has drifted by. Well, “drifted” is not the exact word I’m looking for. Zoomed? Hmm. Yes, but still not quite right. Barrelled? Flown? Trundled? Let’s just say it’s been a year and a bit since I said adios. I’m back. Two weeks from today, I fly to Toronto and get […]


Well, it’s been so long since I’ve added a new gallery to my portfolio that it took me about four hours to figure it out and upload 25 shots. Sure brought back lots of memories. If you’re interested, go here and scroll down to  the last gallery where you’ll find an oddball assortment of photos related […]

Behind the scenes on a photo shoot

Behind the scenes on a photo shoot

I write a lot of stories for magazines–some of them community profiles–and it’s always a struggle to capture the essence of a community mainly because there’s so much to write about and not enough space. That happened recently with the story I wrote titled Only in Pubnico published in Saltscapes Magazine. I dream of having […]

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