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Author! Author! Mariellen Ward

Author! Author!     Mariellen Ward

Mariellen Ward is a Toronto-based freelance writer with a BA in Journalism, a certificate in yoga teacher training and a passion for sharing the beauty of India’s culture and wisdom. Aside from traveling extensively in India, she writes for magazines, newspapers and many online travel sites, publishes an India travel blog, http://breathedreamgo.com/ and leads custom […]

Tales from Tortola … first days

Tales from Tortola … first days

Barrie had a cold when we left NS which Carmen picked up right away and I followed suit after we arrived in Tortola. We hacked our way through the first few days (Barrie referred to us all as the Phlem Family). Our breathing was made worse by a severe case of mould and mildew that […]

Tales from Tortola … getting there

Tales from Tortola … getting there

Seemed like a long two days en route. But there were some lessons learned along the way (and a few things that struck my funny bone.) 1. Don’t stray further than two feet from your luggage.  Sister Carmen went to park her car at the airport in Halifax, Barrie went to find a trolley (dolly?) […]

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