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Wanna be a travel writer?

Battle Harbour, Labrador

Woohoo! I’ll  soon be doing one of my favourite things (delivering a travel writing workshop) in one of my favourite places (Fredericton NB). The workshop will be on April 28, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. at “The Station” on York Street.

Here’s a quick recap of the focus and workshop outline. Pass the word around!

Focus: travel writing for print publications (newspapers and magazines) as well as online publications and blogs. Participants will explore and be exposed to different kinds of travel writing (trade, commercial, advertorial, service, feature, books etc.) Samples will be provided. We’ll also discuss expectations of clients and editors, the importance of taking decent photos, the value of networking and all about press trips.

• who buys copy or hires travel writers? (where are the outlets/ opportunities?)
• putting your interests to work for you; specialize or diversify?

Wadi Rum, Jordan

• how to analyze a market and understand editor/client needs
• how to write an appropriate query/pitch

TRAVEL BOOKS: Which way to go? Publisher, agent or self-publish? Resources?

• writing content for public and private sector (e.g., advertorial, content for brochures, interpretive panels)

• what do editors/clients expect?
• the art of taking great shots (10 tips for “wow” photos)
• how to send/present photos to editors/clients

• professional writing organizations e.g., TMAC and PWAC. How does it “work”; what are the expectations? Benefits?
• importance of having your own website or travel blog + business cards + social media
• building a portfolio + testimonials
• travel-related websites that you should know about

Virgin Gorda, BVI

• getting to know your destination; mining for story ideas, developing angles
• finding experts (and locals) to interview

• press trips vs setting up individual itineraries (pro’s and con’s of each)
• who pays? How arranged? What’s expected?
• protocols and trip etiquette

• bibliography of travel writing books
• discussion/suggestions how to improve narrative writing skills

FEE: $125 (inc. HST). For more information or to register, send me an email at s.phinney@ns.sympatico.ca

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