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Day 22 … High tech berries

“This should spare my back,” says Jackson Lore. Jackson is referring to growing strawberries in a 200 ft. long x 20 ft. series of trays installed about three feet above the ground. In a couple of weeks they will be protected by a large tunnel over the top of the trays.  This is all happening at the Lore Strawberry Farm located on the Upper Clyde Road in Shelburne County.

It took us awhile to find Jackson’s farm but it was worth it. (Hint: turn left just before the Clyde River Bridge and drive and drive and drive. You’ll get there eventually and will see some pretty country in the process.)

For the past 33 years, Jackson’s been bending over to plant, cull, and harvest his strawberries. But three years ago, he attended a workshop that focused on the favourable micro climate in his region (Upper Clyde) which turns out to be ideal for high value crops.

2smHowever, the interior of Shelburne County has lousy soil conditions. “It’s taken me 20 years to clear six acres. That’s a lot of rock pickin.’  And the soil is getting colder and wetter.” So, growing in tunnels seems to be a brilliant solution.

The variety he’s selected is called Abion, “… the Honey Crisp of strawberries.” The growing medium is coir (shredded coconut) and nutrients are delivered via a trickle irrigation system. “We’ll be able to control the environment and should be able to harvest strawberries well into November. I’m really excited about all of this.” So are strawberry lovers like me.

Jackson also grows a lot of high bush blueberries and has U-Picks for both strawberries and blueberries. Call him now! (902) 875-2102

Barrie and I then headed to Roseway River Cottages for the night. I liked what I saw online and looked forward to having a BBQ and slowing down for a bit.  The directions on the website said “At Shelburne, take exit 26.” We did, and proceeded to Spencer’s Garden Centre for an ice cream (not many places seem to have hard ice-cream anymore, so a double rum & raisin was a treat.)

AsmWe turned right again and drove through Birchtown and Churchover. I grumble about not seeing any signage for the cottages. We drive through Gunning Cove. I grumble some more. Finally, we turn into a road marked Roseway Beach. I say to Barrie, “Wait a minute. The place I booked is on the Roseway River. It’s not on the ocean.”

We pull into a driveway, and ask the homeowners if they know Roseway Cottages are. “Oh—you’re a long way from those! You’ll have to back to Shelburne.”

BsmI call up the website on my cell. Yup. If I had read beyond the first part of the sentence it was clear as can be.

At Shelburne, take exit 26 (Ohio Road, 203) north for 1 kilometer, where you will see the signs for Roseway River Cottages.

We were tired, hot and hungry by the time we arrived. But it was worth it. It was the perfect place to hunker down for the night. Wish we had a longer stay. These photos don’t do the place justice but if you live within driving distance, just book and GO!





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