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Tsk Tsk …

Well now, this is embarrassing. It’s been almost five months since I’ve posted anything … and well over a year since I added any new stories that have been published to “My Work” samples, or any new photo galleries.

And I can’t blame it on that elusive time thief any more; as that old cliche implies–the  buck stops here.

So, I’ve enlisted the services (yet once again) of firstborn, James MacGregor. He’s coming to the rescue as we speak. Goodbye dead links! Toodle-oo stale information. Hello new stories and photos!

As for news, one of the best bits of info. I have to share is that Melanie Chambers and I are zooming ahead with our plans to launch HeartSong Travel on the first day of spring, March 21.

Although our site won’t be live until then, we have a place holder here: www.heartsongtravel.ca  Check it out!

Consider heading out somewhere in your own backyard and being open to those moments that make our hearts sing. They surround us!

Sometimes we just need to take the blinders off. Of slow down long enough to take it all in.

And that’s exactly what I plan do to this weekend. Slow down. Look around. Find a moment or two that will make my heart sing. And tidy up this website!

Meanwhile, I’m including some winter shots taken here in Canaan the past couple of weeks.

Top one is self-explanatory. The other two are ice patterns I discovered on the Tusket River last week.



  1. Steve Pitt Steve Pitt
    February 8, 2019    

    Hi Sandra,
    Great to hear your voice again after such a long silence. Like you, I’m not sure where the time goes – it just does. Lovely photos – do you actually still have running river water out where you live? Old Man Winter showed up a month early in our part of the world and landed on us with both cold feet. Our lake froze over in mid-November and we’ve experienced twice as much snow as usual. Local deer are raiding my bird feeders three times a day.

    Looking forward to seeing Heartsong Travel in March.

    Keep warm


    • February 8, 2019    

      Holy! You do exist and not only in my imagination! And, yes, still running water in our rivers (and, open water in the middle of our lakes.) Please remind me exactly where you are. Mid west? Northern part of the world? Memory fails (along with other things like hips and sight.) Thanks for dropping in for this cyber visit.

  2. Linda Campbell Linda Campbell
    February 8, 2019    

    Really looking forward to this, Sandra. I’ve bookmarked the page already, and plan to take your advice and spend more time discovering our own back yard. Thank you for the inspiration.

    • February 8, 2019    

      Whoop! Come out to Canaan sometime Linda. Coffee pot ALWAYS on!

  3. Ceci Ceci
    February 8, 2019    

    I’ve long been a believer in exploring and enjoying my back yard as well. Many of my favourite and best photographs have been created close to home. Looking forward to your new site and more of your stories!

    • February 8, 2019    

      Great to see you pop into view Ceci? Dare I nag you about your memoir? Nag NAG! There. Now tell me you are working it!

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