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Hop aboard the Narrative Train!

WRITING WORKSHOP, April 8/9, Saint John Public Library, Market Square

Day 1, Sat. April 8 from 9:30-4:30

  • Participants will read/analyze/discuss samples of nonfiction that illustrate creative non-fiction at its best; discover how an ordinary newspaper story was transformed into a Pulitzer prize-winning narrative nonfiction story; explore the characteristics of narrative nonfiction including: compelling characters, strong scenes, great dialogue, use of literary techniques including similes and metaphors, and building layers into the story. We will consider various ways to map out
    an article, essay, or book; how to build in layers (depth and details); and various ways to structure the story.

Day 2, Sun. April 9 from 9:30-4:30

  • This session will focus on projects participants already have in the works (or projects they wish to start.) We’ll review everyone’s challenges, form small groups, and outline each project—be it a magazine article, essay or book. Then participants will systematically apply tools learned from Day 1 to their individual projects. By day’s end, everyone should be clear about the tasks required to carry on with their projects. (Note: Day 1 is a prerequisite of taking Day 2 workshop.)


Day 1 $130 (WFNB/WFNS/TMAC/PWAC members $110)

Day 2 $95 (WFNB/WFNS/TMAC/PWAC members $85) Note: Day 1 is a prerequisite for the second day.

To register:  Contact Martha Vowles at marthavowles@gmail.com or Sandra Phinney at sandracphinney@gmail.com

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