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Feelin’ six feet tall …


For most of my adult life I’e been 5 ft. 2 in. — until I reached the age of fifty. Since then I seem to have lost a half inch every five year or so. I’ve especially noticed it when I hug my grown kids. They’ve seemed like giants of late, so I actually measured my height this spring: I’m 4 ft. 11.5 in. Holy! Somewhere along the line I’ve shrunk 2.5 inches.

Yet,  today, I feel six feet tall. You see, I recently won two travel writing awards. It’s funny how that kind of recognition can both stroke one’s ego and humble one. One the one hand it’s a big confidence booster; on the other hand, I fully recognize that there are many other wonderful (and deserving) writers out there, so to be counted in the winner’s circle is something I don’t take lightly.

I also realize that it’s a privilege to travel and get around as much as I do and for that I am grateful.

Lots of people help me along the way including the people who share their stories, homes, communities with me; travel industry colleagues  who sometimes sponsor my trips; folks in the background at libraries, museums and various associations who help me with research; and, of course, the publications that print my stories. In this case, both stories appeared in LocalXpress.ca thanks to its wonderful editor, Andrea Nemetz.

You’ve heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well, the same can be said when a writer wins an award. We get a lot of help along the way.

In case you are curious, these are the two stories that garnered two Travel Media Association of Canada awards:

“Best Spirit of Canada Feature” (First prize): Port Medway, a small village with a big heart (but not for everyone)

“Best Cultural/Historical Feature” (Second prize): The birth of micro-nation Outer Baldonia

ps: the person in the photo above is Elinor Selig, a delightful person I’ve met a couple of times in Port Medway.



  1. October 10, 2019    

    Thanks for commenting … Something is wrong with several of my links to stories, so computer guru is working on this!

  2. Anthea Marcus Anthea Marcus
    November 5, 2019    

    Sandra….I just read an article about you and Birchdale…very interesting…I now see you are a writer and photographer….congrats….sounds like you have been doing some adventurous things…
    I now live in Victoia …I presume you are still in the Yarmouth area…

    Love to connect with you.
    Anthea Bellemare….now Anthea Marcus.

    • November 5, 2019    

      HOLY! Thrilled to see you pop into view! Will be in touch via email! xxxo

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