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Well, it’s not officially summer for another month, but the temperature where I live today hit 33 C. That’s HOT for Nova Scotia! Mercifully we are heading into the wilderness tomorrow for four glorious days of paddling and communing with nature. (Read: swatting black flies.)

But the interesting thing is that when the temps go up over 22 –or below 10) black flies vamoose so with heat on the radar tomorrow, we should be fine.

Meanwhile, here’s  some great news! Remember The July Project that Melanie Chambers and I did two summers ago?  That has morphed into a travel memoir for Pottersfield Press and will be published this fall. I’m beyond happy about this. The manuscript is due June 10 so as soon as we get back from the wilderness, it’s back to the grindstone for me. Stay tuned!

Someone said Bailey looks worried in this photo. He’s worried all right. Although he loves to go in the canoe, when we get close to shore he worries about getting his feet wet. He loathes the water. Or maybe he’s shy about being on the book cover. Ha!


  1. charlene nickerson charlene nickerson
    May 23, 2017    

    Sandra ,so proud of you . loved your intro to the July project keep up the hard work . you inspire a lot of people charnick

    • May 23, 2017    

      Oh Charlene … so kind of you to pop into view with those encouraging words! I took a few days off for a paddle (wickedly wonderful but I am physically exhausted.) Brain is energized, however, so that’s a good thing! Back to work on the book tomorrow.

  2. Earle Earle
    March 15, 2018    

    Robertanee Crosby
    Just read your book in two days
    Really enjoyed the read the elephant Shirley
    I stood so close to her foot
    Nice to read about down home

    • March 15, 2018    

      Thanks so much for popping into view! Must have been a real thrill to stand so close to Shirley!

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