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Thumbs up Fredericton

Stacey Russell from Fredericton Tourism replies to Twitter inquiries.

Stacey Russell from Fredericton Tourism replies to Twitter inquiries.

I keep falling in love. With Fredericton. Sounds schmaltzy maybe, but there you have it. One of the reasons is that it’s so hip and savvy. To demonstrate this, I just wrote an article about how Fredericton’s new “Twisitor Centre” is making headlines. As it happens, I just joined the 21st Century and bought an iPhone. Having a blast learning how to tweet. (Well, if truth be known, I’ve wanted to pitch it in the river a few times but I can’t stand the thought of a phone being smarter than I am. So, I’ve decided to conquer the bloody thing.)

Anyway, back to the Twisitor Centre–it’s the first in Atlantic Canada. I wrote a wee story for Travel + Escape about this. Check it out here.


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  1. October 15, 2013    

    I know what you mean about Fredericton. I, too, really love it. Reminds me of Saskatoon here on the Prairies. Big enough to have many fascinating offerings, small enough to have charm, safety, and a personality that is often lost in larger centres, and it places a big emphasis on the culinary arts and local cuisine. I really love that!

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