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moon 1I read recently that the source of crafts, science and arts is the power of reflection. So I’ve been doing a wee experiment and sitting by the river first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee … and, well, reflecting. Especially on the art (or craft) of writing in general and the July Project in particular.

The standard definition of the word (OED) is “serious thought or consideration.” So in the spirit of trying to improve my writing, and becoming more attentive–with the goal of seeing through the heavenly visibles to the heavenly invisibles as Mary Oliver so aptly said–I’ve been reflecting.

The problem is that there are a lot of distractions here early in the morning. The bluejays start barking at each other as soon as the sun comes up; the chickadees try to outdo each other with their mating calls; psycho squirrels run circles around each other and the geese seem to choose that time to honk their little hearts out. Big Bertha the beaver paddles between the marsh and the island oblivious to the “surround sound” that envelops us both.

moon 2So after a few days of taking time out at dawn to reflect, I switched to dusk/dark, thinking things would be quieter and therefore easier to give “serious thought or consideration” to the task at hand. Not so. As I watched the full moon seep over the horizon three nights ago (which, in itself was a HUGE distraction!) two Bared owls held a great whoo-whoo conversation for over  an hour, and the peepers were downright deafening. As well,  I couldn’t resist the urge  to take some photos. When I wasn’t click clicking away, I simply gawked at the moon’s reflection on the river.

So I’ve not progressed very far with my own reflections. But the sights and sounds have been most entertaining. Magical, actually.

Meanwhile, I’m getting pumped for Melanie Chambers’ visit here next week.

corner-mbikeAs you know she’s my July Project pal and writing buddy and we’ll be doing a daily journal/blog … she, centered in TO with a side trip to Algonquin, and me, here, in Southwest Nova Scotia. We’ll be yakking about the project, planning our approach, and fine tuning some  of the ins and outs.

Melanie’s also a biker and just came second in a big competition. She’ll  be doing a 37 km training run here (Tusket/Belleville area) with Beth Mooney on June 13th at 4 pm … let me know if you want to ride with them!

PS. One thing does come  to mind from my morning/night reflections by the river … I’ve decided to spend more time finding out about the stories behind the stories … and spend more time writing stories that I really really care about. This means I will have to work harder to find markets. So be it.

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