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If you ever hear that photographer Freeman Patterson is giving a talk or seminar, go! If means you have  to pawn your jewelry, re-mortgage your home or raid your piggy bank to attend, do whatever you have to do.

A couple of weekends ago I happened to be in Halifax, NS when serendipity stepped in. The Sackville Photography Club had invited Freeman to deliver an evening’s talk on creativity followed by a full day seminar on visual design.

Although much of what he said I had heard or read before, it was as if I put on a new pair of glasses. BAM! I could actually understand the principles and techniques he was talking about. That proverbial light bulb went off in my head; I could see in 3D.

Dandelion gone to seed.

I’m still processing all the information he shared. Imagine it will take me the rest of my life to apply it all.

For a wonderful summary of these sessions check out fellow photographer Sue Hutchins’ site (in Resources). Aside from getting the goods from Freeman’s presentation, you’ll find tons of information and advice for newbies. Sue has a way of putting the techie side of photography into concrete (and visual) terms. If something mystifies you, she’ll find a way to  make sense out of it all.

Alas, that’s something I can’t do. However, I love to chat with folks about the creative aspect of photography and how we can develop that third eye.

So do chime in!

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