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Day 16 … Bargoons

1You can’t beat “free.”  This was a day for bargains and bonuses for me.

First off, I had the morning free from TJP–meaning I wasn’t on the road. This meant I could tidy up my messy office,  iron  some clothes (yes, I do iron about once a year), and start packing for a three-day canoe trip.

2At 12:30 p.m. I picked up my neighbour Cindy Hennigar and we headed to Yarmouth for lunch and “Seafaring Stories”–a special performance delivered by The Yarmouth Write Away Group at the Old World Bakery. This was a triple bonus for me as:

1) Cindy and I rarely see each other,  so I cherished having some time with her

42) we watched an A-1 performance by local writers who had not only worked up pieces of prose, poems and short stories, but they also wore costumes to fit the days of yore in our seafaring town, and

3) the performance was free!

The whole thing was delicious.

After the performance, we strolled up and down Main Street checking out the giant sidewalk sale before heading home. Smart move. Aside from finding stocking stuffers here and there, we each lucked into a major bargain. Cindy picked up a bright whirligig lawn thingie for a song, and I bought the our grand children handsome, high-end rainjackets for $10 each–originally priced at $49.95 (All at Sandy’s Gifts on Main Street.)


kids jacketssm

I felt pretty chuffed about that.  An old friend who died many moons ago called these “bargoons.” But, mainly, I felt good about my town and proud of the people who volunteer to share their gifts and make things happen.


Note  to self: spend more time with neighbours.




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