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Carleton LibrarysmmmFive more sleeps to The July Project (TJP) and also the launch of my new & improved website. Whoop!

Now, in case you are wondering, this wee log cabin is the Durkee Memorial  Library in the village of Carleton, just a few kilometers from where we live. About 30 years ago I borrowed a book titled The Electric City, by Paul Stehelen. It’s a great tale–and a true one–of how the Stehelens came from  France in the early 1900s to settle in the wilds of Southwest Nova Scotia. In the process,  they built their own railway to get workers and goods from the coastal community  of Weymouth to their inland operations. They also installed electricity which few had ever seen. I’ll be visiting The Electric City a.k.a. New France during July and hope to track down some folks in Weymouth whose relatives worked there.

I also intend to find someone to open the library so I can snoop  around. Perhaps, ahem, I’ll fess up that I still have that book I borrowed those many moons ago.





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