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Need a 50-hour day


I reckon if we had a 50-hour day I might catch up by year 2019. I am so far behind I feel as if I’m mired in a mud hole that’s thicker’n molasses and wading my way through in slow mo. So, any time now, I’m going to shift into high gear and leap into February.

But, looking back, I did a accomplish a few things this fall. If you care to take a gander, check out The Invitation, a photo-essay for Saltscapes Magazine that explores where my love of paddling originated.

I also did a piece titled The Undiscovered Maritimes for Subaru’s Six Star Magazine and a piece about Quirky camping in Fundy National Park with the Puffins (along with snorkeling with Salmon) for Travel2Next.

And, today, LocalXpress posted The lure of the night, putting the awe in photography. My friends Bill Curry and Brenda Tate kindly provided some photos which are stunning. I’m going to take Brenda’s tips to heart and also hope Bill will be giving a workshop soon so I can figure out how to do what these two are doing.

Oh yeah. I’m writing a book. Remember  The July Project? Well, ahem, that’s become the foundation for a book which, at this point in time, has a working title, Finding myself in my own back yard … the treasures and pleasures of Southwest Nova Scotia. It will be published by Pottersfield Press later this year and I’m thrilled beyond measure.

Finally, I will be giving a couple of workshop in February. One on writing Memoir, in Clare NS on Feb. 18, and a 2-day workshop in Saint John, NB on Creative Non-fiction (Hop aboard the narrative train!) Feb. 24/25. More on those in a couple of days.



  1. John Browning John Browning
    January 30, 2017    

    Keep exploring and writing. And stop by our place again sometime.

    • January 30, 2017    

      Hello John! I dropped by last summer but you must have been away. Will do so again! I have a small Mi’kmaq container with a lid that I would love for you to have. Hope the winter is treating you kindly!

  2. Rose-Marie Rose-Marie
    January 30, 2017    

    Your writing has magic, Sandra- never know what you are going to reveal next. Your energy inspires this “old” writer, too. 🙂 Wish WFNS had sponsored a workshop in the South Shore area in 2017. I chew up all your articles and am awaiting the “full meal” book! Sure would like to see you

    • January 30, 2017    

      Ahhh Rose-Marie. Always love seeing you pop into view! Let’s make a workshop happen in your regions this winter! Will send you an email shortly. xxxooo

  3. Trudy Bengivenni Trudy Bengivenni
    February 7, 2017    

    I love your conversational style of writing, Sandra! As I read your words, you become more and more of a solid presence in the room. And because I am so fond of you, that illusion always gives rise to a welcome and delightful haunting. It wasn’t even a speck short of absolutely wonderful to spend time with you and Barry at the “Salute to Sable Island” event. It brought many equally wonderful memories of our biennial writers’ odyssey to White Point Beach Heaven! I’m thinkin’ we oughta organize a women’s escape weekend sometime, with as many of those lovely ladies as possible. Of course, Hattie Perry is no longer an Earth entity, bless her sweet soul, but perhaps we could name our event “Petticoat Lane Reunion.”
    “WRITE ON, Sandra!” The word is a better, brighter place with you in it…and I count myself fortunate to be here at the same time, and relatively same place; and to know you as my friend. Trudy

    • February 11, 2017    

      Oh Trudy, how sweet of you to pop into view! I am moved (and humbled) by your comments. And wasn’t “Salute to Sable” just wonderful?! Hope our paths cross again sooooon! And, yes, we should plan a Petticoat Lane Reunion. Let’s do it!

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