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Boxing day thoughts …

Barrie gave me a macro lens for my Birthday last month, about the same time of my last post. But, since then, things kind of ramped up and I went from turtle pace to full bore cheetah run. (Remind me sometime to tell you about discovering Cheetah–my spirit animal.)

Anyway, as most of you know, the past couple of months have been rather momentous. Just completed Darryl Whetter’s CNF course on writing personal essays. Crazy, madly in love with both the prof and the content of the course. His teaching style both intense and demanding; the energy he spent re: providing resources, edits etc. went beyond the call of duty. Learned buckets; now need to apply to my writing.

Don’t look for it in this post as I’m too pooped from trying to protect some moose–an endangered species at risk in an area of NS that is being logged–and getting arrested. That is, nine of us were arrested for doing what our government should be doing.

But I may have a hell of a good story some day. Need to go through a couple of court trials first … one charge is a civil matter; one is a criminal matter. Sigh.

Meanwhile, the past forty-eight hours is the first chance I’ve had to play with this lens. What fun! The pansy photo above was taken yesterday. Seems to be an apt visual metaphor for moi-meme. Worn around the edges, but still some fire in belly. Haha.

Today’s shots were in the rain. Spent tons of time this morning watching raindrops plop into the river. Could have spent the day gawking at them. Later, my attention turned to drops on chicken coop wire surrounding the gardens, and drops on on tips of pine needles.

The latter two were especially fascinating as the reflections in the drops were upside down. Surrealistic. Perhaps a parallel my life of late.

Still processing this “arrest” business. Find it incredulous that a governing body in Canada can be so deaf to its citizens. And so deaf to the science and biology presented in support of protecting our endangered species, as well as reducing the amount of clearcutting that’s taking place.

On another note, a friend gave me Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic–Creative Living Beyond Fear for my birthday and I now have time to read it. Feels like there’s a big pause in my life. May be akin to limbo. Like this drop before the drop drops. As my neighbour often sums up a situation: “Is good, no?”

Yes, Evelyn, is good.


  1. Bertha Bertha
    December 26, 2020    

    Always a pleasure to read what you have been up to. Cannot imagine the fatigue after your interlude … days and nights..in the forest. All I can say is Wow! What an accomplishment and yes a story to be told for sure! Wishing you a wonderfully healthy 2021

    • December 27, 2020    

      Thanks Bertha. Yes, fatigue is a good word. But only body fatigue. Spirit strong! Have been sleeping a lot. And taking photos which is a great form of therapy! Here’s to 2021 being kind to all of us. xxxo

  2. December 26, 2020    

    Is good, yes! This lovely reflective piece, the macros, the theme and your own spirited defiance of the inept powers that be. The moose don’t know to thank you but I do. And the topsy-turvy imagery seems apropros, for sure. What a delightful read.

    • December 27, 2020    

      Thanks for your kind words Brenda. I hope this is the year you get another book of poetry published. I may need some new reading material in jail. haha. Although I shouldn’t joke about this. Sigh. Here’s to 2021 and positive stuff going down (or coming up.)

  3. Anna Gaudet Anna Gaudet
    December 26, 2020    

    I love, Love, LOVE reading your posts! I must say I also admire your spunk. Good for you! My hubby and I plan on moving from Toronto to Yarmouth when he retires in a couple of years (he grew up in Yarmouth and still has family there) and I would really love to meet you in person if you’re still in the area then. Anyway, wishing you all the best with your court dates and I hope that the new year is a huge improvment over this one. With warmest regards

    • December 27, 2020    

      Thrilled to hear you are moving to Yarmouth! Let me know as that time approaches and we’ll connect for sure Anna! Best wishes for 2021!

  4. Charlotte Charlotte
    December 27, 2020    

    No doubt you still have fire within. Seems appropriate that you slow down and enjoy close-ups with nature after the intensity of the past weeks.

    • December 27, 2020    

      Yes Charlotte, time in nature just what I needed. But not with loggers walking by with pit bulls at 5 am in front of our tents. Happy to be home. No tensions or sounds of harvesters here. Good therapy!

  5. December 29, 2020    

    Almost another year, and I am , for one, opening both front and back door to make this year makes a quick exit. You seem to always starting something interesting , and new. good on ya, mate. More people, including me, should take up the challenge to learn something new, at least once a year. Right now I am planning to learn how to do stranded knitting to be able to try making an Icelandic sweater. I am looking forward to getting to NS this summer, providing Covid has been expelled . Finger’s crossed. Jim has a new grandson, and I still haven’t seen his great granddaughter. You are on my visiting list too. I will be saying prayers for your quick end to the charges against you.

    • December 29, 2020    

      How wonderful to “see” you Sally. Sure hope you are able to travel back east this summer and that we can connect in person. Meanwhile, sending cyber hugs your way. XXXOOO

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