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Travel Writing Workshop

IMG_0771 (2)Happy to be back to Halifax on Saturday April 16 to give another Travel Writing Workshop. It will be at WFNS 1113 Marginal Road, close to the Seaport Farmer’s Market from 9:30 am-4:30 pm; $140.

April is going to be busy with Memoir session in Saint John  on April 2 (see previous post) and Travel Writing session in Halifax. WHOOP!

Let me know if you’d like to have more information, outline etc. for either workshop.

Love love LOVE giving these courses and sharing what I’ve learned. (I could write a book on goofs … and may spare you a few boners.)



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  1. Nancy hartling Nancy hartling
    March 18, 2016    

    Wondering if you would consider doing a workshop in Moncton. Can you tell me more about the workshop you are going to hold in St, John, thanks, Nancy Hartling

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